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Hi my name is Jonathan Gains and as a Bury resident all my life, I am really proud to be your Oven Wizard for Bury and the surrounding area.

We cover all the areas in and around Bury, from Rawtenstall, Ramsbottom and Edenfield down to the Bury Whitefield border,then from Breightmet across to Rochdale ,taking in Heywood, Norden, and Bamford and all areas in between.If you have any special requests please call me and I will see if we can accomodate them.

At Oven Wizards we don’t just clean ovens, hobs, microwaves and extractors, we valet them and try our very very best to restore them to as near to new as we physically can. Whilst we are on site it costs very little to add your hob, extractor and microwave, so what we already consider to be money well spent, it becomes good value too.

We operate from a fully adapted, liveried van so you know who your dealing with, if it doesn’t say Oven Wizards on the van, and on our uniforms then it’s not us. We strip your oven down and immerse all removable parts in our heated dip tank. We use environmentally friendly products during your oven renovation process, so your oven is ready to use the moment we leave, although you may just want to stand and be dazzled by the sparkle for a little while! The whole process can take anything from one and a half hours to three hours depending on the size of your oven but rest assured no corners will be cut if your oven hob extractor or microwave needs more attention.

You can rest assured we are totally trustworthy and will treat your home with the utmost respect, we treat yours as we would wish others to treat ours. We have been operating across the country in excess of twelve years and we carry five million pounds of third party liability insurance, so please put your trust in the professionals.

Your oven, hob,extractor and microwave are expensive appliances so why not preserve their looks, their efficiency and their life span by investing in an Oven Wizards renovation.

At Oven Wizards we are happy to do just one clean, but we would prefer your first oven clean to be the start of a long term relationship and we will discuss with you a programme to maintain your appliances in tip top condition.

Please feel free to contact me, Jonathan Gains, to discuss anything regarding your individual oven, hob, extractor and microwave needs and everything I do as an Oven Wizard


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We are happy to accept cash or immediate bank transfer.

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I used to clean my oven myself, but because of I’ll health I had to call in the professionals. I thought I did a good job , but this way way above what I could achieve ! Doors off, seals off, fan out, amazing !

To be honest , I’m having Jonathan ack every 3 months to keep it like it is now !

Due to mobility problems I am no longer able to get down to clean my scruffy oven !!

Call Oven Wizards in Bury!!

What a fantastic, 5 star service from start to finish !!

Will definitely, without hesitation, use you again, and recommend you to all my friends and family !!

See you next year .

I rang Jonathan this morning in a real panic as I was completing on my house sale in 2 days and my oven was a mess !

I needn’t of worried . Oven Wizards Bury booked me In the same afternoon !

They arrived on time, Oven was deep cleaned and looked as good as new !

I am absolutely thrilled with the service from start to finish !

Had my single oven and combi cleaned by Oven Wizard. What a fantastic service, early, efficient !

I’m not sure it sparkled this much when it was new !

Great job Oven Wizards!,my oven is as clean as the day it was delivered.

Thanks Oven Wizards.

Jonathan came and cleaned my single oven for the second time this week !

my oven and door just look brand new ! Love it !

i mentioned to Jonathan that my hob had a mark on it that I just couldn’t get rid of ! Within 10 minutes, the hob was cleaned, the mark was gone, and that too was like new !

I gladly offered Jonathan extra money for doing the hob, it was refused, Jonathan just said he was glad to look after his loyal customers! 

So so impressed with the product, the service, the attitude!

You just don’t find service like this today  !

Oven Wizards Bury just returned to clean my double oven for the second time ! I am so glad I placed my faith in Jonathan, it is gleaming and looks brand new again !

Absolutely deep oven cleaning at its best !

Jonathan cleaned my mother in laws range cooker and hood and left them as good as new !

The deep oven clean was amazing , tidy, punctual,professional,respectful.

i have recommended him to lots of people and will continue to do so !

Had my single oven cleaned by Jonathan, what a professional man from start to finish !

Clean, tidy, punctual. Felt relaxed with him in the house !

The Oven deep cleaning was first class, I having it done again for Christmas !!

Just bought a new house, the oven was a mess, not been cleaned for years, if at all ! 
I next to no time, Jonathan had the 2 ovens looking like new, all for what I deemed to be a fair price !

 Oven Wizards Bury I'm converted, will be using you again

Had my double oven cleaned for the first time by Oven Wizards !

Jonathan was friendly and professional.

my oven is like new, saved me having to by a new one !

i will definitely be using the oven cleaning service again.

I returned home after I’d had Oven Wizards to clean my oven , hob and extractor !

i was amazed they were like new !

What a great service, my husband told me Jonathan was early, professional, hard working and very tidy !

im having mine done again in 4 months 

Really pleased with Jonathan. My double oven looks like new again. Will use Oven Wizards Bury again soon. Thanks!

I’m in the catering business but I hate cleaning ovens ! Callled Oven Wizards Bury to clean a Single oven and an extractor  ! Worth every penny of the 63 pounds I paid, to be given a new oven back ! Amazing service, so good I’m now doing it again in 6 months !!

I had my single oven and hob cleaned today by Oven Wizards after my mum had her double oven and hob cleaned yesterday !

Both jobs were amazing, both ovens look like new, dont want to use it now and mess it up !

 Ahwell , just come in the new year and clean again them again !

Thankyou Oven Wizards.

I contacted Bury Oven Wizards to clean my two oven Aga. I acquired this Aga over 40 years ago when I moved into my house. So really no way of knowing how old the Aga actually is !

This is the first time I’ve had my Aga professionally cleaned !

Wow !! the end result was amazing, never seen it look better !!

going to have it done again so it never gets as bad as it was !

thankyou Jonathan for what you did, your professionalism, your punctuality too , just a pleasure start to finish.

Oven Wizards Bury called and deep cleaned my double oven, hob and extractor, they just do what it says on the tin !!

prompt, courteous,tidy, respectful, amazing .

i was so impressed I asked them back to clean my bbq before I put it away for the winter . It was amazing, looks brand new, shining like a new pin !

 Oven deep cleaning at its best !!

I was thinking of having my oven cleaned when Jonathan walked up my driveway leafleting !!

He survived the two happy dogs and quoted me a fixed price there and then !!

Well it’s the first time I’ve used an oven cleaning service, it won’t be the last !!

 Oven Wizards were punctual, professional, respectful, sympathetic, neat and tidy !!

The cleans were the best, both of my Neff ovens were left better than new !!

I had Jonathan from Ovenwizards to clean my range oven today. The oven looks like new, Oven Wizards were a pleasure to have in the house .

My range oven hasn’t looked this good since it came from the shop !

My range cooler needed a good clean so called Oven Wizards Bury .

From start to finish Jonathan was professional,polie and respectful !

My range is like new and I’m keeping on top it so I’m getting it done again in six months !

Oven Wizards Bury just a pleasure to deal with, oven cleaning at its best

Wow, just had my oven cleaned ! To say I'm amazed would be an understatement ! Professional, friendly, honest, trustworthy, for  a great price too !

See you in 6 months

Had Jonathan to clean my double oven, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results!

They both glisten and gleam, so glad I got them cleaned and not replaced !

Thank you Oven Wizards

Jonathan from Oven Wizards Bury came and cleaned my oven at short notice. Great job, at even better price. Tidy worker, professional and highly recommended.

the oven hob and extractor now gleam like new, thankyou Oven Wizards

Just sold my house, needed my free standing oven deep cleaning for the new owners !!

My daughter and I have used Jonathan many times, and as usual the service was exemplary !

see you at my new apartment in Edenfield very shortly !

Asked Oven Wizards to clean my disgusting single oven !! I’m a working mum,love to cook, not got time to clean !!

My single oven now looks as good as new !!

Thank you Jonathan , I know it was a tough one,I really appreciate you going the extra mile to make my oven sparkle like the day I bought it !!

I had seen the Bury Oven Wizard van around the Tottington area so decided to get my range and extractor cleaned !!

Cleaned !! I thought it had been swapped for s new one !!

Amazing, will be having it done again in six months to keep the range looking good !!

Waited patiently for my double oven to be cleaned by Oven Wizards!

i was embarrassed it was so dirty but it was like new in 3 hours !

Amazing Oven Wizards I’m going to get my double oven cleaned again in 6 months, not letting it get like that again !!

Just love looking at my nice clean oven, good as new, don't want to cook and mess it up !! I will not be leaving it so long between cleans now !!

Jonathan your a star !!

Just bought my first house and very excited to be moving in this week !

Called Bury Oven Wizards to clean my range cooked and extractor before I start using it !

the ovens are so clean now they shine like new, smell good too !

Thankyou Oven Wizards you made my day , just not sure whether to admire the shine or use it now !

Jonathan cleaned my double oven a year again, he's just been and done it again !

I just get a buzz from having my oven cleaned, it's like purging my soul !!

Till next year !

Just had Jonathan to do a six month reclean on my double oven and hob, just like them looking brand new all the time !

My neighbour was so impressed he booked them too, Jonathan has been, they are also so impressed, they have rebooked too !

What Jonathan does is amazing, but he’s a pleasure to have in the house !

Just had my oven and hob cleaned for the second time !

Its as good as the first, service is professional, prompt, punctual, and respectful.

Goes without saying we will be having it done a third time in a year !??

I run a local bed and breakfast with their own catering facilities !

Jonathan came at very short notice as I had guests arriving the next day !

Not only was it cleaned to perfection, like new, he even put a new bulb in for me, all for what I considered to be a good price !

Oven Wizards Bury has just been to do my double oven annual clean !

Its amazing how a 25 year old oven can still sparkle like it was brand new !

Jonathan, see you next year, pleasure as always to have you in the house, professional from start to finish !??

What a fantastic service Oven Wizards did on cleaning my double oven,hob and extractor and at a great price. Highly recommend Oven Wizards Bury and will use again without any hesitation

My wife nagged me to get the cooker cleaned so eventually I gave in and called Oven Wizards Bury !

Jonathan came and sorted my double oven in under 2 hours, and it's like new !

This was money well spent, good value, and I'm converted, Oven Wizards will be doing it again next time !

I had had a bad spill in the bottom of my single oven and it was driving me mad !

The oven was cleaned by Oven Wizards Bury !

My single oven looks like new , thank you Jonathan for what you did, your professionalism, I will be using you again and recommending you to my family and friends !

Had Oven Wizards to deep clean my oven, combi, extractor and hob all for 108 pounds !! 

The end results were amazing, like new !!

i consider it great value and have booked for next year !!

Thanks Jonathan

Had Jonathan of Oven Wizards to clean my double oven, it was left clean sparkling and smelling good to !

when I get into my new house I will definitely use Oven Wizards Bury again .

My double oven is like new again

Asked Jonathan from Oven Wizards to come and clean my single Neff oven and my 5 burner gas hob !! I warned him about my two young boys and a playful puppy !!

I needn’t of worried , he was great with the boys and my oven and hob are fantastic ! In fact the oven is that clean I don’t want to use it again !! 

Oven Wizards you were great, will use you again and recommend you,

thankyou , thankyou, thankyou.

Had my single oven and 16 year old hob cleaned today as I’m no longer able to bend down to do it myself !

Looks that good I’m not using it again !

Oven Wizards Bury what a great job !

Jonathan you were the ultimate professional!

im going to actively recommend you to all my neighbors!

Very prompt , efficient, impressive service !

inherited my oven 5 days ago,in a recent house move, in a dirty, greasy state !

After 2 hard hours graft Jonathan  had it looking like new, all for the sum of £65 .

Great service will definitely be recommending you and using you again !

Jonathan of Oven Wizards Bury cleaned by boyfriends single oven hob and extractor before I moved in !

He managed to remove 4 years of bachelorhood debris from the oven sides and bottom !

I might just decide to use it now, many thanks

 Had Jonathan from Oven Wizards Bury to clean my double oven and extractor today.The oven sparkled,the extractor smelt fresh.A quality reliable oven cleaning service.You will be cleaning my oven again in 6 months.

Thanks again Ovenwizards

I'm disabled and live in a flat so i am unable to bend down to clean my oven, so i called Oven Wizards Bury and spoke to the very friendly Jonathan.

What a fantastic service , at a great price, the oven looks that good it just makes the rest of my kitchen look shabby now !

Whats not to like.

Sorry had to leave while you were cleaning my double oven and microwave !

Came home to a fantastic job, can't believe how clean that grillpan is !!???? 

won't be letting it get in that state again, will be getting it done again very very soon !!

My double oven was a little worse for wear, it was overdue for its clean !

i had used another company last time but the results today were far superior!!

jonathan was great with the kids and the dog too and even mopped my floor before he left !

Jonathan, Oven Wizards, will be using you again !

Thankyou Jonathan, you were professional,punctual,tidy and a pleasure to have in the house !

The oven cleaning is 5 star ! My single oven is as good as new, all for 48 pounds !!

see you next year !!

I’ve used oven cleaning companies before, and they’ve never lived up to the hype !

 Oven Wizards Bury, far exceeded my expections !

My 10 year old single oven, without a lie, is as good as the day it was installed !

Like it that much I’m having it done again in 6 months !

 Oven Wizards Bury the best clean an oven can get !

Called Jonathan from Oven Wizards Bury to clean my double oven !

what a professional, friendly service you provide from start to finish !

my oven looks like new, no nasty smells or chemicals, I will definitely recommend you !

Had my Smeg range cleaned by Jonathan this week !! Wow I can put my makeup on in the oven door it’s that shiny !!

ive already booked in for next year !!

Great service, great job,great price !!

Thankyou Oven Wizards

Oven Wizards came and cleaned my double oven and hob;

Both my hob and oven are now sparkling clean. Great Service Oven Wizards, a pleasure to deal with you Jonathan !

I was late home for my appointment, but that wasn’t a problem for Oven Wizards Bury !!

The two dogs weren’t a problem either !

He cleaned my single oven, with great care and attention, snd result was fantastic !

Gave great advice on how to keep it clean, even supplied me with an oven liner !

what great Service Jonathan, you are a credit to the Oven Wizard brand !!

Called Jonathan of Oven Wizards Bury to clean my 20 year old single oven !!

it was in a bit of a state but after 2 hours oven cleaning magic it was like new again !!

really impressed , great oven cleaning, great price, Oven Wizards are great too

I called Oven Wizards to clean my double oven and gas hob before I moved out so that the oven would be clean and hygienic for the new occupants ! 

What Oven Wizards did was leave them a new oven and hob, amazing, how do you do that !


Called Oven Wizards to clean my oven. Jonathan was very accommodating and worked around my mobility problems. He is a gem and his work was fantastic.

My oven is that clean I don’t want to use it again.

I had Jonathan to clean my own ovens six months ago, so was very confident he could restore the two scruffy ovens my son inherited !!

Wow, just wow, Jonathan from Oven Wizard Bury just worked his magic !!

Oven Wizards surpassed themselves !! New, just like new !! I think I will get mine redone !!

I ran Ovenwizards in a panic as a dish I was cooking  splattered all over the inside, the inside of my oven just turned black !!

Jonathan came, professional, pleasant, punctual and efficiently restored it ! Deep cleaned it, better than new  ! I am astounded , thought I’d have to by a new one !

Ovenwizards Bury are just fantastic !

As I’m getting older and less mobile I can no longer get down to clean my single Neff fan oven !

I thought it was a mess, but Jonathan was very professional and about 2 hours later it was as good as new !

I,m so pleased with Oven Wizards I want you to return in 6 months to keep my oven clean and smart !

A wonderful oven cleaning service from start to finish !

This is a real professional set up ! From the time of  my first enquiry to completion, the service and product is first class !

If you want what I consider is the best oven deep cleaning service in the Bury area then give Jonathan a call !

 You won’t be disappointed !!

Got the keys to my new house today only to find that the range cooker and hood had been left in a state !

Jonathan came this afternoon and I think he has given me a new cooker when I wasn’t looking !

Range and extractor as absolutely gleaming !

Thanks Jonathan, Thanks Oven Wizards Bury, first class from start to finish !

Called Oven Wizards and spoke to Jonathan about cleaning my double oven,microwave and extractor to arrange a visit and get a quote,

I thought the price was great,after the job i was delighted when i saw my oven and hob, i thought it was new and he had switched them when i wasnt looking !!

 Thanks for a great job Oven Wizards,see you in six months Jonathan

If I had asked for a clean oven for my Christmas wish, I would not of been disappointed !!

the appointment was made timely, Jonathan was punctual, he was charming and professional . I Wiol not be allowing it to get into that state again !

Youve  got a regular customer !!

Called Jonathan from Oven Wizards to clean my mucky Oven and hob on our moving out day !!

the oven and hob were left as good as new !!

if I need you at my new house I’ll definitely be calling you !!

Jonathan cleaned my range cooker today !! It’s utterly fantastic !!

My Oven is like new !! No smells or chemicals, able to use straight away !! A truly fab experience, having it done every year now !!

Had my oven cleaned yesterday, it was bad !

Thanks to the Oven Wizard it looks brand new !

Absolutely great service, would definitely recommend to everybody !

Would highly recommend Oven Wizards for cleaning ovens hobs and extractors! Will be using Oven Wizards again soon.

Called Jonathan from Oven Wizards to clean my Aga as I really struggle to get it clean !!

The enamel now glistens, the 3 ovens are spotless, and the pan drawer is gleaming !! 

So so pleased will use Jonathan again, in fact every 6 months !

Just had Jonathan to do a six month reclean on my double oven and hob, just like them looking brand new all the time !

My neighbour was so impressed he booked them too, Jonathan has been, they are also so impressed, they have rebooked too !

What Jonathan does is amazing, but he’s a pleasure to have in the house !

 Have never had my double oven, gas hob and extractor deep cleaned before , but after today I certainly will be doing it again soon !!

Jonathan appeared in a smart , clean van on time, and all created a very good first impression !

i left Jonathan to it, 3 hours later I was given back what can only be described as good as new !

The kitchen had been hoovered and mopped too !!

So professional and respectful !

The kids have been warned not to go anywhere near it ever again !

Completely remodelling the house and kitchen but my range is staying so called Oven Wizards .

Jonathan  arrived early, just got with the job !! The end result was truly amazing !!

Will definitely use you again and recommend you to  friends and family

Went away on holiday and made arrangements for Oven Wizards to clean my range cooker and extractor .

Came Home to what I thought was a new oven! So clean,sparkly and so tidy.

Professional start to finish at a great price.

Brilliant Ovenwizards Bury

I just wanted to thank you Jonathan for all the hard work cleaning my single oven !

My husband and I are delighted ! Our single oven is like new !!

Oven Wizards Bury are amazing !!

I,d had my single oven cleaned by another cleaning company a few months ago and my oven was still dirty and dripping chemicals onto my food !

I called Bury Oven Wizards and spoke to Jonathan, it was agreed an urgent oven clean was needed !! 

The single oven was valeted the next day and cleaned to perfection, like new, so shiny !!

A six month repeat clean was agreed to keep my single oven looking like new all the time !!

Just a great service from initial contact to the end !

Having some building work done so needed my range oven cleaning!

Called Oven Wizards Bury and spoke to Jonathan. He cleaned the whole range to near new condition in about 3 and a half hours.

So pleased with Oven Wizards service will use them again in 6 months and recommend their oven cleaning services to all my friends and family

Jonathan deep cleaned my mums double oven two weeks ago !! She screamed down the phone ‘it’s like new ‘, sceptical I went to see her double oven , and for 60 pounds it’s like it just came out of the factory !!

amazing !

Had Jonathan of Oven Wizards Bury to clean by double oven and extractor !!

 Had used another oven cleaner , but they refused to clean the extractor and the racks were left dirty !!

No such problem with Oven Wizards, oven was left like new and it is a few years old !! The extractor was left clean and hygienic and smelling sweet ! 

Fabulous job Oven Wizards, see you in a year !!

Just moved so booked Oven Wizards to clean my double oven, gas hob snd extractor, agreed a great price with Jonathan.

Oven Wizards were punctual, professional and the standard of oven cleaning was exemplary, thank you Jonathan.

What a great service I got from Oven Wizard Bury .

Efficient,before, during and after. Tidy,courteous and such great results !

I will definatly be using you again ! I’m so happy!

Got my oven cleaned today by Oven Wizards , Jonathan sorted it out for the new occupants, it’s that clean and sparkly I’m not using it before I move !

Had seen the Oven Wizard van in and around Tottington and it encouragesd me to book an appointment !!

i had my single oven and extractor cleaned for 63 pounds !

They were like new after the clean,my kitchen was cleaned and hoovered afterwards !

i really think this is a fantastic oven cleaning service ! I’m having them done again next year, and every year from now on !!

 Oven Wizards just the best !!

Had Jonathan of Oven Wizards Bury to clean the dirty half of my range cooker. After a couple of hours it looked like new. Unfortunately it now makes my clean other half look grubby so I’m getting the other half done !!

Amazing results, will use again and recommend you !

Great service recieved from Oven Wizards Bury and Jonathan on cleaning my range cooker and extractor, great price too, really pleased how the Range now glistens like new,

 Thank you Oven Wizards

jonathan was so professional and obliging when he cleaned the range cooker in our new rental property !

It  was an old girl,but she scruubed up well, looked fantastic after her Ove Wizard deep clean.

Cant recommend highly enough.

Jonathan of Oven Wizards Bury came highly recommended and they surpassed my expectations !

Professional, friendly oven cleaning, my range is as new , not spoiling it so take aways now !

I’m a busy working mum and just don’t have the time to clean my oven !

Spoke to Jonathan, a true professional, about a clean for my oven hob and extractor, all cleaned and like new again !!

Oven Wizards, a truly professional service at a reasonable price everything considered, I’m converted, a regular customer from now on !

5 star oven cleaning service from initial phone call to completed job !

Jonathan arrived early, very personable and professional !

my range cooker looks like new , all for a great price. I’ve booked to have it done again in 6 months !

Highly recommend Oven Wizards without hesitation.

Oven Wizards did a great job at short notice on my double oven. Very very pleased with the cleaning and Jonathan,very very professional and a tidy worker.

Double oven and extractor left sparkling and smelt good too !

Thank you Oven Wizards.

Called Bury Oven Wizards as I regularly saw the Oven Wizards van on a daily basis !

Oven Wizards Bury did a fantastic job on my double oven , that good I don’t want to use it now!!

See you in the new year for another oven clean to get rid of the Christmas mess !

I’m moving and wasn’t sure I’d left it too late, but Jonathan booked me in ver quickly, did a great deep clean on my double oven, hob and extractor, it’s like new for the new owners !

Will be using you for the new house as soon as I get there !

 Oven Wizards Bury are the best !!

Wow, my oven looks like new, it gleams ! Just booked my Mum in too !

Well impressed !

I’ve used Jonathan and Oven Wizards Bury three times now to clean my two single ovens .The end result is always awesome !

Got Oven Wizards Bury to clean my double oven to surprise my wife whilst she was away !!

to be honest, Jonathan surprised me, the oven was like new !!

i was in awe so I broke the surprise and rang my wife to tell her the amazing news !! Now she can’t wait to get back off her holidays to see !!

lokks that good loathe to use it again !!

Jonathan of Oven Wizards Bury cleaned the oven in my sons house earlier this week so I knew what I was getting ! However what he did was amazing, my oven hob and extractor look as god as new !

We will both be getting our oven re 

Having a new kitchen in January and the kitchen fitter suggested I got my range cooker cleaned rather than replace it !

He suggested Oven Wizards of Bury, so I rang to book and got a speedy appointment!

so pleased with the result!

Looks like new just need the kitchen now !!

Will definitely use you again and recommend you to family and friends !

Read all the testimonials and looked at the photos before I rang Oven Wizards Bury !

I must admit I was sceptical !

To say they were brilliant would be an understatement !!

Jonathan cleaned my range and extractor, he was smart, professional, punctual, respectful  !

Since he’s been I now just stand and admire my cooker , how the heck did he get it so clean !!

Had Oven Wizards Bury to clean my sons oven , hob, and extractor whilst I’m living at his house because it was a bit messy !

3 hours later the oven was like new, the grill sparkled, the hob was spotless and the extractor has got rid of that yellow tint and meaty smell.

This was all completed by Jonathan at very short notice in a professional and tidy manner.

Thankyou Oven Wizards, when I find my new home I’ll be in touch to get the oven cleaned without hesitation.

jonathan came and cleaned the oven in my sons flat, a bachelor pad,two guesses, what state it was in !

when oven Wizards were done it shone like a new pin,he even noticed !

then he came came to clean mine and then my mums, delighted doesnt even come close!

this is now a regular six month appointment for us all. its like cleaning your soul,cleanliness is next to godliness

Jonathan came and cleaned my Laconche range and extractor all for 100 pounds ! Never looked this good when it was new ! My oven just glistens !

Cant recommend Jonathan and Oven Wizards enough , fantastic    oven cleaning service !

Just moved into my new home last week , the oven was in a state !

Jonathan came very quickly, deep cleaned my oven and microwave ,left them sparkling !

 Oven Wizards Bury a fantastic oven cleaning company, very professional, very tidy,very punctual, true professional s !

 Got Jonathan of Oven Wizards to clean my two single Neff ovens as I’m moving house ! Both Ovens cleaned up like new, really don’t want to use them they look that good !!

I really think Jonathan and Oven Wizards Bury offer a great oven cleaning service at a fair price considering the care and attention to detail and the pride they take in their work !

 Booked Oven Wizards after chatting to Jonathan at my gate and discussing the oven hob microwave and extractor services Oven Wizards provide.

It lived up to expectations, great service, price, see you again soon Oven Wizards Bury

Had Oven Wizards to clean my 2 year old Rangemaster Deluxe !

After Jonathan had worked his magic it looked like new ! The long oven was particularly dirty but it was pristine after the Oven Wizards cleaning process !

Thankyou Oven Wizards for a job well done !

If you your oven cleaning , he’s Bury’s answer to Mrs . Hunch !!! See you this time next year ???

Called Bury Oven Wizards to clean my double oven as I’m moving out !!

what am amazing job !!

my double oven looks as clean as the day I bought it !!

Thank you oven Wizards

Had Oven Wizards Bury to clean the oven in the flat I vacated , great job and was happy to book Jonathan to clean the oven in the house I was moving into !

I had to cancel and move this appointment back 3 days,and then had to cancel again the night before ! Ovenwizards Bury were very understanding and came out of hours on a Saturday evening which I was delighted with !

so now I have had two oven cleans by Jonathan in one week and they were both great !! Single oven at the flat and a range and extractor at the house both left as new, and I have agreed a yearly clean in the future .

Oven Wizards Bury, great job, professional, accommodating, efficient, what more can you ask ?

Asked Oven Wizards Bury to clean my range, one of the ovens was a bit of a mess !!

i got tired watching Jonathan work his magic on it, 4 hours later my range was like new !!

see you in 6 months, keeping on top of it now !!

Thankyou Oven Wizards 

I called Oven Wizards and  had my oven cleaned by Jonathan; The oven is now gleaming like new! Do not want to spoil my oven now by using it !!

Thank you Oven Wizards.

 Oven Wizards Bury cleaned my double oven, hob and extractor and even put a fresh bulb in the oven for me! Jonathan was professional friendly, and reliable and a tidy worker!!

The oven looked like new, the hob sparkled and the extractor smelt fresh as a daisy.

Thankyou Oven Wizards Bury for an oven cleaning service par excellence.

I booked Oven Wizards to clean my single oven,hob, microwave and extractor; he did a great job. Friendly service and very professional.

I will let all my family and friends know what a great oven cleaning service Oven Wizards Buryy provide !

Oven Wizards Bury came and cleaned my oven , hob and extractor for a great price, but what a great result! Good as new ? Better than new ! Thrilled doesn’t even come close !!

Oven Wizards Bury is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 111 testimonials .