Oven Wizards Worthing and Arundel

A truly remarkable cleaning job. My friends and family thought I had a new double oven hob etc. Good value for the money. Highly recommended. C Webb, Tarring, Worthing.

Oven Wizards Dartford

I was skeptical at first that Ian would get the oven looking "as new" and thought it a bit extravagant to pay someone else to clean my oven. But it was worth every penny. The metal has been taken right back to its original state - he really went the extra mile and was really thorough. I could never have got the shelves looking that sparkling myself. I've recommended him to all my friends, who also hate oven cleaning.

Oven Wizards West Lancashire

Very pleased with the outcome.Thank you Kevin from oven wizards 

Oven Wizards North Yorkshire

Wow what a difference and I thought I kept my oven clean Great job by Terry from Oven Wizards North Yorkshire. Worth every penny already booked for 6 months time.

Oven Wizards Carmarthen and Swansea West

My oven looks like brand new thanks to Paul Davies' visit this morning! Paul arrived on time ,did an excellent job, and without asking did a few extras such as changing the extractor light bulbs, and refitting the basal exterior plate which had worn loose. We are delighted with his service, and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who needs an oven cleaned ! Thanks Paul !

Oven Wizards Manchester South

Asked Oven Wizards in as my wife had a bad spillage in the main oven. Job was really good-she wont use the oven now!

Oven Wizards Aberdeen

 Waooooo! My oven looks great, job well done. Thank you  for this wonderful service.

Oven Wizards Cumbria

Can’t believe how clean it is what a amazing job and no chemical smell either.

Oven Wizards Crawley

Thank you so much for  doing a sterling job with our oven yesterday. It looks brand new!!

I will definitely employ you again and recommend you to others. Many thanks 

A Preston Horsham. 

Oven Wizards Cumbria

Just had Jamie to clean my oven thought he’d swapped it for a new one!

Oven Wizards Central Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire

Thank you for a great job you did yesterday and sorry you were slightly delayed. Will 100% use you again as well as recommending you to family and friends.


Oven Wizards Aberdeenshire and Angus

Excellent job, my oven and combi oven look brand 


Oven Wizards Pembrokeshire

Single oven. A sunday clean

Thanks mate. The oven looks great

Oven Wizards Crawley

Hi Lee just wanted to say a massive thank you for your oven cleaning service the other day. You did a fantastic job and I am so pleased with the results. My oven and grill look brand new! Thank you so much.


Oven Wizards South East Devon

Great job mate!  Really old oven now looks like new - the new owners should be really happy!

Oven Wizards Maidstone

Thank you for your dazzling work on my oven.  I don't think I've ever seen through the door glass since we moved in, so it's a real novelty to see what's cooking!  Great service, very professional, oven looks like new. 

Oven Wizards Aberdeen

Thank you for the excellent, and very friendly, service from Paul. 
We will definitely be using you guys again, and recommending to friends.

Oven Wizards Norwich

Highly recomended  David does a great job.  We were very pleased with the result and to de honest pleasantly surprised

Oven Wizards Hereford and Worcester West

Thrilled with the results. Colin is warm, friendly and helpful. The cooker hasn't been this clean since it was new!

Oven Wizards South West Coventry

Hi Bryan

Just wanted to say thanks for another great deep clean on our oven. Love the fact that your wife calls me when its due to be cleaned, one thing less for me to think about.

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