Franchise Opportunities: Benefits of being a franchisee

Starting a new business can be challenging which is why many people prefer to go down the Franchise route instead. It's a way of starting your own business and becoming your own boss but with the added benefit of support and business knowledge from your Franchisor.

There are lots of perks to becoming a franchisee; the most important one is that you are taking on a business model that is tried, tested and already proven to be successful. This means that the services are in demand and can be provided in new areas around the UK as the reputation and brand awareness increases.

"Owning a Franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself"

As the franchisor, Oven Wizards took the concept of domestic oven cleaning, put it through their development process and ironed out any wrinkles. This means franchisees have the chance to independently run their own business but with the added know-how of how best to build up a profitable customer base.

Ian Keddie, Oven Wizard Franchisee in Dartford had this to say about his choice of becoming his own boss: "As a retail manager for the Co-Op, I was getting nowhere fast.  Now I earn considerably more money and have much greater control over my life.  I like being my own boss and I am proud to be an Oven Wizard".

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A brand name can go far

A lot of new business owners are wary of the risks involved around starting their own business.  However, buying into an existing and already established brand can provide security for you as a franchisee, as customers already know what to expect which can go a long way towards building your own reputation. 

John Graham and Mark Abbott, Directors of Oven Wizards, share their combined knowledge and experience to provide this successful business model to their franchisees: "We focus on offering hands on support for the franchisees", says John, "with particular emphasis on customer service – a happy customer is a loyal customer and will always come back, which only goes to strengthen the brand".

"Here at Oven Wizards we work with our franchisees offering tailored support. We provide technical and business development training that will reassure any new Franchisee, and make sure we are always at the end of the phone to provide ongoing support".

Ongoing help and support

If you're concerned about investing and then being left alone to get on with it then you shouldn't be. After all, it's in the franchisors best interest to ensure that you have the help and support that you need to help your business grow. Assistance with training coupled with access to specialist equipment and materials can help to get your business off the ground far quicker than going it alone. Read more about Franchisee training here.

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Defined territory

The British Franchise Association (BFA) states that a well-defined territory is one of the main reasons franchising is an appealing option; this allows you to identify the locations you want to cover whilst gaining the largest possible amount of customers, without treading on other franchisees' toes.

Mark Abbott, Director of Oven Wizards says "Here at Oven Wizards we have no predetermined areas but build a bespoke area around where the Franchisee wants to work.

"We work with the Franchisee to identify the territory they want to work within," Mark continues, "which is reinforced by the franchisee's local knowledge of the area."


Being part of a wider Franchise network means that you have the opportunity to talk to other people who are running the same services as you. You can discuss techniques, what works for them and learn from the experiences of franchisees in different areas to your own.

Being your own boss

Being your own boss and escaping the nine to five is just a dream for many people who struggle to develop a concrete business idea or fear failure.  A Franchise can offer a faster, easier and more cost effective route to achieving independence where a self propelled start up might need years of planning with no assurance of how it might turn out.

Oven Wizards franchisees take bookings themselves which means that they work when they want to work, take holidays when they want to take holidays and with a proven business model in hand, grow their businesses with confidence.

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