How Much Does An Oven Wizards Franchise Cost?

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We are transparent about how much an Oven Wizards Franchise costs. The only 2 things you will ever pay are the initial Franchise Fee of £15,000 plus VAT and the fixed monthly management fee of £280 plus VAT.

Many dream of being their own boss, but don't take the leap due to lack of experience, lack of connection, or fear of failure. There are so many considerations when starting a business from scratch that it can be completely overwhelming.

Running your own business is synonymous with independence, flexible working hours and financial freedom; unfortunately, it often requires a large amount of capital, a network of connections and a large investment in marketing.

So how can you reap the benefits of being your own boss, whilst minimising or avoiding these barriers? Oven Wizards is here to help.


Oven Wizards provide the best value for money Franchise package on the market. Knowing how much an Oven Wizards Franchise costs upfront lets you focus on growing and establishing your franchise. Uncapped earning potential gives Franchisees the freedom to earn as much as they are willing to work, with some Franchisees earning over £1000 per week. There are no other charges, costs or royalty fees, so the more you put in, the more you take home. Oven Wizards also benefit from full technical training.

Network & Training

We are here to support you every step of the way, after all, it's in the Franchisors best interest to ensure that you have the help and support that you need to help your business grow. We provide each franchisee with tailored support, one-to-one business development training and marketing assistance. This helps our franchisees attract and retain a loyal customer base.

The Oven Wizards business model is tried and tested, allowing our franchisees to grow their franchise as much as they please in their own dedicated territory.

Being part of a wider Franchise network also means you benefit from the knowledge and experience of other Oven Wizards. The value of this network of support and information is invaluable. This is just one of the benefits included in the Oven Wizards Franchise cost.


One of the biggest challenges with starting a business is growing your brand recognition. This often requires not just a large financial investment, but also a large investment of time.

As an Oven Wizards franchisee, you have the benefit of being your own boss without this huge undertaking. The ability to leverage an already successful brand means you can be your own boss without fear of having to compete with already established brands.

Oven Wizards is the UK's fastest-growing oven cleaning Franchise, for good reason. As part of the Oven Wizards Franchise community, you will receive the best value for money Franchise package on the market. Additionally, the Oven Wizards Franchise cost is up-front. You know how much you are paying for an established brand, whereas overall marketing costs for establishing a new brand are uncertain.

Franchisee Testimonial

"As a retail manager for the Co-Op, I was getting nowhere fast. Now I earn considerably more money and have much greater control over my life. I like being my own boss and I am proud to be an Oven Wizard". - Ian Keddie, Oven Wizard Franchisee, Dartford.

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The Oven Wizards vision is "to build an enduring reputation as the UK's most-trusted oven cleaning Franchise company in the eyes of our franchisees, customers and trading partners". We look forward to welcoming you to the Oven Wizards team.

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