Oven Wizards Reading

Had John from Oven Wizards Reading clean my Smeg monster oven! He did a brilliant job. Now don't want to use it and spoil it!

Cathy - Sonning

Oven Wizards Bury

I contacted Bury Oven Wizards to clean my two oven Aga. I acquired this Aga over 40 years ago when I moved into my house. So really no way of knowing how old the Aga actually is !

This is the first time I’ve had my Aga professionally cleaned !

Wow !! the end result was amazing, never seen it look better !!

going to have it done again so it never gets as bad as it was !

thankyou Jonathan for what you did, your professionalism, your punctuality too , just a pleasure start to finish.


Oven Wizards Southampton

I am sorry to say that my oven was an embarrassment and was going to buy a new one as I simply could not get it really clean. I contacted Paul at Oven Wizards Southampton as a friend recommended  I try a local firm to clean the oven before I spend out on a new one. I had the oven, hob and extractor cleaned and it looks fantastic !! It is probably cleaner than a new one! I honestly thought it would never be able to get that 'showroom' clean, and it really is !! I cannot recommend highly enough ! I will be keeping Paul's number as I think a regular 6 monthly clean is in order ! If in doudt - try it out - you will be amazed ! 

3 June 2013

Cheryl Brown Southampton

Oven Wizards Pembrokeshire

Single oven

Amazing service! Used time and time again! Would highly recommend!!


Oven Wizards Southampton

What a wonderful job Paul did cleaning my oven the other day, I had been putting it of for months to do myself, he had been recommended by a friend. A far better job than I could have done. Well done.


Oven Wizards Central Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire

Patrick, Many thanks for fitting us in so promptly. We have never used a professional oven cleaning service before and was sceptical of the value. What can I say, We are absolutely delighted with the results from the efforts you put in. Pleased I set you a challenge !. Our oven is absolutely superb and looking like new. We will definately be using you again in the future. Thank you and kind regards. Chris & Eleanor, Shillington Bedfordshire.

Chris & Eleanor Sedgwick, Shillington, Bedfordshire

Oven Wizards Central Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire

Our double oven and extractor were cleaned back at the begining of November by Patrick and have just been through the Baptism of two Christmas dinners - for 11 on the day and then 14 people two days later. I say Baptism as he did such a good job cleaning the ovens (they looked like they were new and had just been installed) that my wife hardly let a splash of any fats touch any parts including the racks.However Christmas cooking demands results, not consideration of the cookers feelings in remaining attractive. The cleanliness of the glass doors and clarity of light - having been restored - meant that it was possible to see progress of the cooking and reduced the need to keep opening the doors. We also noticed how much quieter the fan in the fan-oven ran. Now here is the surprise. The "Oven Wizard" clean done by Patrick was so good that we were able to return the ovens, post Christmas, to an acceptable condition. Combined with an annual visit from him to bring it all back to pristine, we are very happy and feel that this is a seriously good value service. 

Chris & Pat Doyle Fallowfield Luton

Oven Wizards Bracknell

What a sparkling shine to my old (ish) AEG oven! Didnt think that you would get it that good.......and you replaced my blown bulbs too!! Thank you Larry

Chris , Ascot, Berkshire

Oven Wizards East Hertfordshire and Chelmsford

 Fantastic my double oven, hob & extractor look like new. I know that's what Clive from ovenwizards promises and he certainly delivered!

Many thanks Clive

Chris Brentwood

Oven Wizards East Yorkshire

 The state of my oven was really getting me down and i just couldnt get motivated to do anything about it. Then as if by magic an oven wizards leaflet came through the letterbox and i gave them a call. Fom first communication through to a sparkling new looking oven David was absolutely brilliant. cant say enough positives about OVEN WIZARDS. Give them a call.

Chris Nafferton

Oven Wizards Pembrokeshire

Double oven, hob

I’ve recently moved in to a new property and the oven was left for us.....I don’t think it had been cleaned once, there was rust and filth all over it ?? I used oven wizards hoping to avoid buying a new oven and I was not disappointed Andrew is a miracle worker the oven is gleaming and looks brand new, I could not be happier with the results and couldn’t not recommend him more. Thank you so much.


Oven Wizards Aberdeen

Loving my sparkly clean oven Thanks Oven Wizard


Oven Wizards Watford

Dear Ray,

Thank you so much for going above and beyond the call of duty when cleaning my oven in Watford recently. The cooker was bad enough but you had to contend with the washing machine repair man being there at the same time.

So after jumping through hoops and overcoming one logistical problem after another on your part I ended up with an exceptionally clean Oven, hob and extractor.

As you know my very house proud sister was coming down from Bonnie Scotland, a land where getting your oven cleaned is a euphanism by the way! She was well impressed

I have no hesitation in thanking you so much for helping me look as if I was at least partially organised on the housekeepin front.

I tell everyone you're the bees knees!


Christine Black (Watford)

Oven Wizards Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Borders

Thank you for the brilliant job you have done on my oven today, will ring in 6 months for a return visit.  Well impressed!

Christine, Sandy

Oven Wizards St Albans

Extremely pleased with the service provided by Oven Wizards. Keith done a wonderful  job on my Range oven. I will be using his services again the future.

CJ- Redbourn

Oven Wizards Pembrokeshire

Range cooker

Amazing clean done. Looked as good as new when finished. no mess and completed quickly. would highly recommend.


Oven Wizards Pembrokeshire

Double oven

A Christmas Miracle. The oven looks like new. Would highly reccomend Andrew if you want to see your Turkey through the oven door.

Claire - Llangwym

Oven Wizards East Sussex

Thank you so much Paul for making my old oven look brand new this morning. An excellent job, highly recommend Oven Wizards East Sussex.


Oven Wizards Glasgow South

What a fantastic job Graham. I can't beleive how clean you have managed to get our oven! A very profesional business, and great communication. Will definitely use again, and highly recommend.

Clare, Giffnock

Oven Wizards South Staffordshire

 Rob has done a fantastic job cleaning my oven, it's so clean i can see through the door again. We move out in the next few weeks, I will be giving Rob a call to come and clean the oven in our new house.

Clare, Lichfield

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